The Nurses Week Contest Winners are...

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Sentinel U® Nurses Week Contest 

Allison Nascimento

Meal Kit Delivery for Two Lucky Winners!

One-Year Meal Kit Delivery Subscriptions for Two Lucky Winners!

“Allison is a full-time NICU nurse and part-time pediatric Home Care nurse. She works 50 hours per week between those jobs…Throughout COVID, when parents started wearing masks and being restricted with their visitation, she started taking pictures of the parents faces to print and tape on the isolettes so the babies could see their parents faces, did photo shoots of babies whose parents were quarantining from COVID to give them something to smile about, and made baby hand and feet prints into arts and crafts and cards for the parents.”

Sentinel U® Nurses Week Contest

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Shelby Custer

“Shelby started her career in healthcare after becoming an EMT and working as a Unit secretary/PCT in a busy Level 1 trauma center in Phoenix. She quickly decided to advance her career while working full-time and enrolled in a BSN nursing program which she completed during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020…Throughout the last ten years, Shelby has shown great tenacity to achieve her goals while providing service to others. She meets her challenges head-on and never gives up even when faced with great [personal] hardship.”

In recognition of Nurses Week 2022, Sentinel U® is giving Allison and Shelby each a one-year subscription for meal kit delivery - three delicious meals at home shipped right to their door! We’ll also be providing them each with a complimentary Leadership bundle package - which includes training in Interprofessional TeamsNursing Quality Indicators, and Patient Management & Delegation - to help them in their development as leaders in nursing. 

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